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"Managing a vast workforce is no easy feat, and thus Astrocu!s!ne has on board a team of some of the finest managerial minds from across the country. From operations to marketing and everywhere in between, our Senior Management makes sure the machinery behind Astrocu!s!ne is well oiled and running at full steam."

The Management Team

P K Das


Seasoned hotel professional practically decoded and created the hidden food value having worked for more than two decades with the best brands in hospitality industry with a clear vision of service and its application, that have been conceptualized as as Concept Menu with the application of critical calculations and presented on a platter through our website and apps called astrocu!s!ne. com.



It was the year 2013, the idea was created on a piece of paper and nurturing every day to make the idea into reality. Since then, she is working tirelessly to present this into a simple form for the society and today, she is smiling with the success supported by a team of Big Data scientists. Great knowledge on Best Menu Optimization (BMO). A seasoned recipe master. Instrumental to create the recipe of few Big Fat Wedding on a numbers of occasions for celebrities using Concept Menu.

Sankar D’Gupta

Chief-Client Relations

A management graduate having diverse expertise on client relations and food geography, the pillar behind the success of a story called astrocu!s! He has made the cocoon with his team of relationship managers and senior IT professionals with a simple vision of creating “Food ordering a great new experience” every time.


A V P- South Operations

A creative recipe master and food connoisseur. On her credit she created numerous menus and she is the backbone of astrocuisine for its recipe what is her niche. She is a creative cuisiner and always plays with the number, beit calorie value, value of major and minor food ingredients or simply the numbers of dishes to be presented on a platter. She is instrumental to design the menu for various occasions and would be available on astrocu!s! on a phased manner.


Chief Advisor

Understands the best menu propositions and its utilizations. She is the bridge between hotels/ restaurants and astrocu!s!, who advises and designs concept and regular food, keeping the theme in mind and geography. She says “all foods are not good for all people”, initially it was hard for the team to understand, but with her practical approach with different food for different occasions and its application has compelled the team to understand. She is the master planner for DDMMYYYY concept. She is supported by a team of AI engineers working closely day and night with a vision to make “online food ordering a great experience.”


Chartered Accountants

Served as an Articled assistant with M/s Umamaheswara Rao & Co., Chartered Accountants, Hyderabad during 2010-2013 for being qualified as a Chartered Accountant
An Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India having a professional experience of morethan 5 years. A tech-savvy Chartered Accountant with a diverse background with exposure to Accounts, Audit, Budgeting, MIS, Secretarial Work, Taxation, T.D.S., Payroll and has demonstrated capability to register Companies including other legal formalities with Goods & Services Tax and Income Tax View More